Physiotherapy is a process that deals with the Treatment, Prevention, and Rehabilitation of people who are physically injured or disabled. Physiotherapy uses physical activity to treat human diseases. Dr Pooja Mehta is a well Known Therapist in Mumbai. This non-surgical therapist seeks to relieve discomfort, restore function, and increase a patient's capacity to move the affected portion of the body. Physiotherapy is a profession that deals with the functions of various body systems and is dedicated to the science of movement.

In most cases, including problems affecting the bones, joints and soft tissue, the brain or nervous system, the heart, circulation, lungs and breathing, physiotherapy is very effective. Research shows that physical therapy significantly improves recovery and helps prevent further injury.

Physiotherapy allows you to be active in your treatment, by doing the exercises and actions as prescribed. Typically, you start to see progress and possibly lead a more active lifestyle.Our physiotherapists will educate and advise you on how to avoid aggravating the problem in the future, so you can avoid further injury.

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