4 Employee Wellness Programs One Can Adopt At Workplace

Did you know that your productivity is directly proportional to your wellbeing? Or that higher productivity is determined by the quality of work done by you and not by the quantity? This means that spending your nights under piles of office work does not relate to good quality work.

On the contrary, overburdening yourself with work at the cost of your health can crush your physical and mental being. This ultimately leads to a decline in your growth at work. In times like these, employee wellness programs come into play. This can be approached in two ways, either you conduct one for your employees on your own or arrange it via organizational health centers like TheraCure Personalized Care Clinic.

According to the 2019 Aflac Workforces Report, 70% employees enrolled in wellness programs have higher job satisfaction than others. Another study by Udemy states that around 48% of employees benefited from their company's wellness programs as it helped them in stress management. Needless to say, when the employee's health is taken care of by its company, it leads to less absenteeism and higher levels of satisfaction at work.

If you are wondering what initiatives can be carried on at work, read on to know 5 of them!

1. Providing Healthy Lunch And Snacks:

Providing Healthy Lunch And Snacks-

One of the best ways to take care of your employee's health is to ensure that they consume nutritious food. Often, employees eat unhealthy meals consisting of junk foods on their way to work or while catching a bite at work. To put a stop to these habits, you can provide food rich in vitamins and minerals, and devoid of caffeine, oil, dairy and sugar. You can also hire a dietician or nutritionist to help make a proper diet plan for your employees.

2. Conducting Fitness Activities:

Conducting Fitness Activities

Physical activity of any kind can boost your stamina and confidence. To do this, you can build a gym at your organization for employees to work out every day before they start their day at work. You can also conduct an annual or a half-yearly sports meet to keep the spirit of healthy competition high. Sports activities like cycling, cricket, basketball and football can also be played weekly in groups as well.

3. Conducting Meditation:

Conducting Meditation

Meditation is the practice of using mindfulness as a technique to create awareness of yourself and your surroundings. It allows you to have better mental clarity and a more stable emotional self. Companies can conduct regular meditation classes for their employees to overcome any kind of stress or anxiety that they might be feeling. Different kinds of meditation techniques can be practiced, such as focused meditation, breathing, movement, spiritual etc., depending on the employees' requirement.

4. Providing Financial Counseling:

Providing Financial Counseling

According to the HR Executive, 69% of the employees are stressed about their finances, and 72% worry about their work finances. This also leads to a loss of productivity and increased absenteeism. Companies can conduct workshops inviting financial experts as guest speakers to talk on budget planning, debt reduction, saving tactics, etc. Furthermore, you can also partner with a company specializing in employee financial planning to provide financial expertise to your employees. Companies can teach such personal and practical solutions to money related problems to prevent their employees from feeling stressed out.


In the words of Paul Drechsler, the Chairman and CEO of Wates Group Limited, "Good health IS good business". It's time that we start to take our employee's health seriously and not overlook it in the quest of hard work. After all, the success of a company depends on how well it's employees are taken care of!

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