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We at TheraCure Personalized Care Clinic believe in Holistic Wellness to Improve your health. Because ‘Parts’ make a ‘Whole’ and that requires a fine balance between your spiritual self, emotional and psychological well-being, physical body and nutrition, driven by a sense of purpose. TheraCure Therapy Center is well known for Wellness Treatment in Mumbai.

Wellness Treatment is a practice that promotes pelvic health and pain relief for all body types. We use comprehensive treatment plans to promote improved pelvic and orthopedic functions and to help unleash pleasurable movement patterns and embodied joy. We are sensitive to stories of pain and trauma and aim to facilitate the reintegration of the body, mind, and spirit for continued self-empowerment and social engagement.

Benefits of Wellness Treatment-
Muscle Pain.
One of the Most Important benefits of Wellness Treatment is the relief from muscle pain. Many studies showed an improvement in muscle pain-related relief in patients who suffered from neck and shoulder pain.
Stress Relief.
Wellness Treatment has the potential of providing relief from the stress you have been experiencing. Stress causes a build-up of Cortisol, which acts on various organs and parts of the body to induce positive and stress-related actions. Lactic acid also builds up in your muscles which causes tense and stiff muscles with pain in some cases.
Improves Sleep.
When your body is relaxed and Stressors or Hormones are eliminated, you tend to be more sleepy and sleep better. That is why some people fall asleep right there on the massage table.
Improve Your Confidence.
Wellness Treatment which is one of the subtle benefits of Physiotherapy is the boost in confidence and self-esteem that you get. It is often overlooked because it is not tangible since it has to do with your thinking and feeling.
Skin Regeneration.
One of the benefits of wellness treatments like a body wrap or skin treatments is that you undergo a skin exfoliation treatment where older skin is exfoliated using various techniques. This helps you to have new younger-looking skin.
Sports Injuries.
It is commonly known that you can get relief from pain with physiotherapy for many sports injuries like sprains, dislocations, etc. Also, massage helps injured athletes recover faster from injuries and achieve better performance more quickly.

Wellness Specialists are experienced individuals that work to increase awareness of how nutrition, physical activity, stressful lifestyles and psychological issues can have an impact on an individual’s overall wellbeing. They work to promote deeper and creative thinking that can brighten the mood uplifting the mind.

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