Online consultation for Physiotherapist

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Online consultation for Physiotherapy :

This arm of our services, the online consultation, was Launched during the Covid-19 Pandemic, keeping your safety in mind and your ongoing requirement to address your sore points.

Online Video consultation For Physiotherapy is reliable in proper assessment and arriving at the root cause of the dysfunction. A customized treatment program is created for the client that addresses their specific deficiencies. A record of the exercise and stretching program is given to the client for easy reference, and this plan of care is regularly updated to reflect the improvement in the Client’s Condition.

Sessions are conducted on Zoom / Whatsapp Video. Once treatment goals are achieved, a maintenance program is devised that is practical and convenient and helps prevent further recurrence of pain.

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At TheraCure, our Scope of Physiotherapy includes

  • Muscle strength and muscle length evaluation & quantification
  • Recommending remedial exercises
  • Physical treatment by electrotherapy modalities like diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, contrast bath, cryotherapy, hydrocollator, trans-electric muscle stimulation, also different therapeutic exercises by machines
  • Applying manual therapy, mobilization, manipulation of soft tissue techniques etc.
  • Myo-fascial release massage to lengthen tight/ contracted tissues.
  • Make an exercise folder for the client to take home.
  • Aid in-home evaluation to make the environment barrier-free and accessible.
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