Is Physiotherapy Only For The Old? Think Again.

We have all grown up hearing about the horrors of back pain and aching legs that we will have to experience as soon as we cross 40. So, inherently we have associated pain with old age rather than talking about what our body needs.

In reality, physiotherapy has no age-bar that needs to be adhered to for one to opt for it. Physiotherapists have an in-depth knowledge of the entire musculoskeletal system. That’s up to 840 muscles, between 206 & 270 bones and 220 nerves!

Furthermore, physiotherapy isn’t a core area only for the old. It is an aspect that needs attention regardless of what age group we belong in. Regular physiotherapy sessions enhance the physical movements of every individual irrespective of any age or gender.

Let’s take a look at how physiotherapy can be of aid to children as well as adults…

For Infants & Children


It might come up as a surprising fact that physiotherapy is a recommended area for children as also infants sometimes as young as newborns. You may have noticed some kids that take time to perform activities using their motor skills.

In such scenarios, physiotherapy breaks this barrier by supporting infants to learn these skills including how to stand, sit and walk. Furthermore, these exercises also increase their strength, flexibility and endurance.

Some infants also experience postural problems, tend to be over or underweight, and in some cases, are born with genetic disorders. With the right physiotherapy exercise, babies and children who have such disorders, injuries, and disabilities can be significantly helped.

For Teenagers & Adults


Teenagers and adults make up for the majority of our country’s population. These are the individuals that spend most of their time at college, studying or at work. As a youngster, running from home to classes and then joining the work-life may not feel like a lot. It is common to not experience the toll of hard work on your body till your body begins to show signs of fatigue and aches in joints.

Eventually, this constant running between places can make your muscles weak, tight or overstretched. This is where physiotherapy sessions can help you. Physiotherapy exercises are designed to relax your tightened muscles and also equip you to perform a full range of motion so that you experience less and less physical pain in future.


As rightly said by Jim Rohn, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Taking care involves exercising, yoga, and many other things irrespective of the age bracket one is in. Your usual routine might keep you very busy throughout the day. The busier one is, more the reason to go in for physiotherapy.

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