What Are The Benefits Of Employee Wellness Programs?

According to the Workplace Wellness 2017 Survey Report, 67% of employees are greatly satisfied working with companies that provide healthcare protection than with those that don't. Employee wellness programs refer to a bunch of initiatives at a workplace, often provided by companies to promote healthy lifestyles of their employees. What started off as a company perk, has turned into a necessity today.

Apart from providing the employee with mental and physical benefits, wellness programs help to increase employees' productivity at work. Since such wellness programs are usually conducted to relieve employees of mental and physical stress, an expert could be of help. In such situations, you can always call for organizational health experts like Theracure Personalized Care Clinic to help you conduct such programs.

You may wonder why bring in an added cost of conducting wellness programs? This is, besides the already mounting pile of expenses the company bears for the employee. We'll give you 4 benefits of implementing wellness programs in your organizations:

Benefit 1: Reduced Healthcare Costs:


Providing wellness programs to employees helps reduce the total employee-related healthcare expenditures. Yes, you read that right! A study by Well Step looked at employee wellness programs and their results on healthcare costs. The results showed that those providing wellness programs brought with it an average return on investment of $3.27 per employee. This means that for every dollar spent on the program, the company saved 3.27$ because of reduced healthcare insurance costs, inclusive of ICU charges, room rents, and medicines costs. Thus, such programs are a win-win for both the employee and the employer.

Benefit 2: Higher Engagement And Improved Productivity:


When your employees' wellbeing is taken care of, it leads to increased physical and mental stamina. Furthermore, this eventually correlates to increased concentration in work and later to increased productivity. A survey by the American Psychological Association has found that an overwhelming 91% of employees working in companies supporting their wellbeing feel motivated to do their best. This also means that such employees have higher job satisfaction than others.

Benefit 3: Reduced Absenteeism:


When employees work at a place where they're at their optimum best, both mentally and physically, they tend to take very few leaves from work. This is because their work doesn't seem like a burden anymore; instead, it becomes enjoyable. Employees become more focused towards their work. A healthy environment allows for a healthy growth of the mind. This also leads to better company culture, with more positive impacts and stronger relationships among the employees.

Benefit 4: Easier Recruitment:

Easier Recruitment

With the ever-growing demand for employee wellness programs, it has undoubtedly become a determining factor for companies. They can attract and hire top talents, remain more competitive within the labor market, enhance their "employer brand", hence easier recruitment. This also means that such companies have higher rates of successful employee referrals.


When your employees' health and wellness are taken care of, it has a direct and tangible effect on the company's overall profit and productivity. Hoping that this article provided you insights on the benefits of implementing employee wellness programs in your organization. To know more about how to go ahead and conduct such programs at work, you can always call for organizational health centers like Theracure Clinic to understand a better layout of the program.

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