What Is A Brain Gym Program? And How Can It Impact Your Health?

There is no scientific study more vital to an individual than the study of their brain. When you understand your brain, you open up numerous pathways to explore it more in-depth. During the same journey, you find some shortcomings, but you shouldn’t be worrying or concluding things based on these observations. For instance, as a child, some required more time than others to start talking, but that doesn’t portray they aren’t capable of learning.

There are various activities centred in specific areas of the brain and each individual functions differently. In cases of shortcomings, Brain Gym exercises can help improve neurological functions, so that those areas of the brain are more strongly connected and accessible for any given task, ‘talking’ in this case.

Brain gym, also known as Educational Kinesiology, refers to an educational programme based on using physical movement to develop an integrated and coordinated approach to learning, using not only cognition but also physical and sensory skills.

It was developed by Dr Paul Dennison, an educationalist, to help children and adults overcome learning difficulties and attain everyday goals. It has applications in education, business, physical and performance skills and self-development that facilitates coordination between both the brain hemispheres and supports the organisation of thought process.

How Can Brain Gym Help Improve Your Lifestyle?

Our dear reader, brain gym isn’t just for children. Irrespective of our age, we are naturally prone to lack certain things within us. Brain gym can help us improve our memory, vision, concentration and much more. It consists of physical activities as simple as drinking a glass of water; an energiser they call it, to cool one’s senses and thus stimulating clarity of thoughts.

For The Kids and The Aged


The journey of every individual starts from their home. The birth-to-three period is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span. By the time children are 3, their brains have formed 1000 trillion connections between neurons.

Brain gym can help you nurture your child effectively if he/she isn’t responding correctly or unable to cope with the challenges of learning.

It can also effectively help the elderly as they tend to face difficulties concerning their physical as well as mental health. Brain Gym offers exercises for improving mental stimulation and hence, escalating better memory and activeness.

Brain Gym In Schools


A school is a place where a child’s capabilities are tested and nurtured. Teachers are trained to observe specific details to draw reports regarding performance and special abilities. The progress reports include improvements and declines in the students concerning several factors like discipline, behaviour, understanding, reading and writing abilities, etc.

The process of drawing reports can help realise if your child lacks any primary abilities. Brain gym can help you with that. It can help treat issues such as dyslexia, autism or ADHD and help revitalise the natural healing mechanisms and restore health.

Leveraging Brain Gym At Workplaces


Brain gym can turn out to be a useful tool in developing work-related attributes. It helps with aspects such as stress management, motivation, communication skills, creative and analytical thinking.

You can practise different exercises to gain positive results. People often stay hesitant towards activities like public speaking, decision making, etc. Brain gym holds the potential to enhance such activities for individuals in the corporate world.

Fitness & Sports


Although fitness involves physical training, mental training plays an equal role. Brain gym provides you with full mind-body coordination for optimum performance and endurance, focus, improved muscle tone, reduction in stress and injuries, improved accuracy, self-confidence can all make a significant difference to your game.


A few minutes of movements can immediately change how you feel and improve your abilities and skills. Brain gym is a beneficial and straightforward programme when used correctly. It is helpful for every individual inclusive of children, adults, as well as the elderly.

Brain Gym designed exercises strengthen the relationship between body and mind. The idea behind the program is to have a set of simple exercises that anyone can do at home, school or work.

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