Flat Feet: How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Pain?

Flat feet can be caused by various factors, such as genetics, age, and weight. Flat feet can cause painful problems that make it difficult for you to engage in the activities you enjoy or walk around regularly. Thankfully, if you have flat feet, a physiotherapist can help and recommend simple changes to your lifestyle, including targeted stretching exercises and specific exercises that stretch and strengthen muscles. They may also recommend certain kinds of insoles and shoes which can raise your arch, improve your posture, and help improve your core. It is essential to know the impact on your body when you don't have an arch in your feet. While it might seem like a minor issue at the moment, the fact that you have flat feet isn't something you'll be able to ignore whenyou're older because, with age, the issues become more severe. If you're suffering from flat feet or foot pain, visit us now to find out how our certified Physiotherapists can assist you in relieving the discomfort!

What Causes Flat Feet

Flat feet are due to genetics or develop with age, but they aren't all the causes. Flat feet can result from any of the following situations:

First, the physiotherapist will assess your condition; test your strength and reflexes. The physiotherapist then will move on to the following treatment:

1. What Is The Purpose of a Foot Arch:

Foot Arch

A proper foot arch is essential to maintaining your health. The arches on our feet contribute to flexibility and elasticity, causing the middle of our feet to expand and close when we move. Arches also absorb shock and are crucial to foot strength and balance. They assist in distributing your weight evenly across your foot in all directions. If your foot is flat, other parts of your body need to compensate, which puts extra stress on your knees, feet, and back, causing discomfort and inflammation. Certain people with flat feet don't feel any discomfort, so they don't need to visit a physiotherapist or doctor. However, if you experience pain in your ankle, foot, or other lower extremities, flat feet may be the cause. Consult a doctor if you feel your arches are dropping lately, you are experiencing discomfort on your lower legs, or if orthopedic or supportive shoes do not alleviate your pain.

2. What Happens If You Ignore Pain From Flat Feet:

Ignore Pain From Flat Feet

It is essential not to ignore foot pain, especially when it's due to the absence of an arch. The condition is likely to worsen as time passes; you'll notice that walking or other activities become more challenging. The balance of your body is affected, and pain may start to manifest in different areas such as joints, muscles, and tendons.Other painful problems will start, including bunions, calluses, plantar fasciitis, and blisters. Athletes will experience shin splints and fractures, and their overall health is affected.

3. How Can Physical Therapy Help:

Physical Therapy Help

Physiotherapists will analyze your symptoms to identify any health issues. They will be able to thoroughly explain to you how your feet are the foundation of your entire body. With the help of a physiotherapist, you'll learn precisely how to keep them healthy and relieve knee, ankle, or back discomfort. The most frequently suggested things in physical therapy include better shoes that provide arch support, orthotics to alleviate pressure on the foot and daily stretching exercises that target the legs and feet and ice therapy to lessen swelling, intervention for correcting the patterns of walking or ankle braces. The therapist would suggest consulting an orthopaedic forsurgery or injections in more challenging situations.

4. A few suggested exercises are:

suggested exercises

The best option is to consult a Physiotherapist to treat flat feet to avoid unnecessary body pain. Your Physiotherapist may recommend an orthotic device for treatment. The orthotic device can help in absorbing impact and reducing stress. There are a variety of treatments available to alleviate the pain that is caused by flat feet! before buying a cervical pillow.

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