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‘Posture’ is the way we hold our bodies as we sit, stand or sleep. A good posture is when a body is in alignment with the ground and supported by the body in a way that avoids muscle tension in any one specific area.

Posture Correction, therefore, is the practice of fixing bad postures so that all body parts are supported with the adequate amount of muscle tension against gravity.

A good posture can boost energy levels, helps to breathe properly, make one appear taller and more attractive, amongst many other benefits.

A Posture Correction Expert, therefore, helps people build an erect posture through the methods of right muscle activation, Myofascial release to elongate shortened muscles, provides exercises and stretches to support the posture by reducing pressure on the neck and other areas to give the body a correct stand.

A posture expert will also work with you 1 on 1 to assess what specific movements you're doing wrongly during your daily activities including home (, doing dishes, cleaning, self-care and care for others, bending, lifting etc.) , work (is your workstation designed correctly to prevent strain on various joints & musculature) and leisure tasks (are you bending your joints efficiently to hold your hand of playing cards, are you leaning over correctly while playing carrom etc. )

They will guide you through specific postures that are ergonomically correct , that should be adopted by the client to protect their body from unwanted, premature wear and tear.

Based on the individual client’s posture evaluation results, the therapist knows where the client is lacking, on a physical level and at a postural awareness level. Hence a multi-pronged customized treatment approach is developed that helps the client bridge the gap from zero awareness to fully conscious of one’s own posture. Knowledge and insight are a powerful combination leading to the development of healthy posture habits for life.

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