Occupational Therapy is very common for patients of all ages. Disabled children, wounded soldiers, or elderly people with impaired overall functioning often choose this type of treatment. TheraCure is one of the best in providing treatment of Occupational Therapy Conditions in Mumbai.Occupational Therapists also address the psychological and social well-being of the patient, which is important for optimal mental and physical health. Occupational therapists provide patients with important interventions, recognize their goals, analyze goals, and make necessary adjustments to the treatment program to achieve those goals.

We can help you with a variety of conditions, including the following:
• Depression & anxiety- Occupational therapists aim to help those suffering from depression and anxiety through the introduction of self-awareness skills, stimulation strategies, scoring, and specific exercises, etc.
• Brain injury- Occupational therapy can help patients regain control of their daily tasks through exercises that shape pathways between the limbs and the brain. These techniques are also known to help people with Alzheimer’s & Dementia remember things by forming mental connections.
• Burns- Occupational Therapy can help burn victims reduce pain during movements and re-examine physical functions that the brain may have forgotten due to disuse. These patients are provided with a safe and controlled environment to ensure that they are not injured during treatment sessions.

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