Community reintegration occupational Therapy

Community Reintegration Program, Community Reintegration after Stroke

Humans are known to be social creatures, living in well-planned societies for ages. We have been so used to living as a community, but what if one day you feel distinct and isolated from the community?

This is what happens when an individual suffers from an injury that causes disability and detachment from society. One such injury is Acute Traumatic Brain Injury. Life post acute brain injury is very difficult and painful. The most difficult aspect is to bring back normality in life.

Community Reintegration is a program for such individuals to slowly become a part of the society again, it’s an integration of the person into the society. It focuses on bringing the individual back into societal normalcy where he/she doesn’t find themselves alone and isolated.

How does Traumatic Brain Integration affect the individual?

A brain injury is caused by a direct hit or violent jolt on the head. This causes damage to the brain and thereby, disruption in normal behavior.

We as humans are trained in a way so as to behave in a society. But when an individual is diagnosed with TBI, they lose some amount of control and become distorted from normality. This can further cause more anxiety and stress.

A person suffering from TBI gets agitated, nauseous, forgets things more often, and becomes confused now and then. All of these hinder normal daily routine and the person finds him/herself detached and unable to become a part of the community as a whole.

Community reintegration occupational Therapy

We offer Community reintegration occupational Therapy treatments in Mumbai, for

community reintegration program treatment in Mumbai

community reintegration program treatment in Mumbai

community reintegration after stroke treatment in Mumbai

community reintegration after stroke treatment in Mumbai

Community reintegration occupational Therapy treatment in Mumbai

Community reintegration occupational Therapy in Mumbai

Community reintegration comes into help for such people. This process helps such individuals to regain normalcy and become social again. The community reintegration process is carried out by an Occupational Therapist.

Occupation therapy rehabilitates the person suffering from TBI back into the normal community by means of community reintegration. The therapy includes activities that help the individual to get better at performing day-to-day activities and be able to normally blend in with the others.

It is painful for an individual going through TBI to find themselves different from the society because of their disability. An occupational therapist guides them towards performing their daily activities in a normal way without asking someone to do it for them.

The process is not easy and takes time, but with patience and practice, the road only becomes wider. Therapy is slow but the results are excellent with individuals finding themselves to be living normally and independently.

Life can be very hard when you’re suffering from a dreadful injury as such, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be normal. You can absolutely be normal, although the normality might be a little different from before, but it still grants you confidence and helps you grow as a human.

At TheraCure, our Scope of Community reintegration occupational Therapy includes

At Theracure, we take a systematic approach to body treatment, addressing the root causes of the aches and pains.

  • Acupuncture
  • Advice on self-management techniques such as pacing, stress, and sleep
  • Breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness
  • Cold pack/heat and electrotherapy such as TNS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Education
  • Exercise prescription and Movement therapy
  • Manual Therapy
  • Posture correction and improvement
  • Therapeutic Massage

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, masseurs, counseling psychologist, and pain management therapists work together closely.

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