Occupational therapy for Poor fine-motor and gross-motor skills

When a child demonstrates normal development, gross motor tasks such as walking, jumping, running, stair climbing, and catching / Kicking a ball come automatically to them without much thinking.

However, in some children, this is not the usual case. The activity described above belongs to motor skills, a set of abilities that help you perform regular motor activities.

Motor skills cover all the Motor Activities performed by the body and are differentiated into 2 categories; Fine-motor skills and Gross-motor skills.

Difference Between Fine-Motor and Gross-Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skill is the brain's ability to use the finer muscles of our fingers and wrist to accomplish a detailed activity. Examples are picking up a pencil, writing, Painting, cutting with scissors, tying shoelaces, etc.

Gross Motor Skill involves the movement of large muscles such as our arms, trunks, and legs to accomplish activities that require more energy. These movements include activities such as walking, running, etc.

Occupational Therapy is an important treatment option for children with poor fine-motor and gross-motor skills. The goal of therapy is to increase children's strength, coordination, and balance. Occupational therapists also teach children ways to avoid future injuries. Physical mobility is an essential part of daily life. It helps children navigate their environment safely and reach their destination. These movements use large muscle groups and are referred to as gross motor skills

Poor fine-motor and gross-motor skills

The previously mentioned skills might look very easy, but we have learned them by doing them repetitively in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, it is not easy for some kids.

Some children cannot perform simple daily activities because it is difficult to learn them properly due to learning barriers and challenges. It is why they keep doing it repeatedly, just like when they did it the first time. It appears clumsy and not practiced, but it is not the first time the child is doing it.

Occupational therapy for Poor fine-motor and gross-motor skills

It is a sign that the child has poor fine and gross motor skills, which could create a barrier to his/ her development. Poor motor skills can also affect the cognitive development of the kid.

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There is a way to treat this condition, that is through Occupational Therapy.

If you notice that your child cannot perform everyday activities even after trying to do them over an extended period, you need to consult an Occupational Therapist. The OTs are professionals who examine your child and study their mental patterns to devise a unique therapy for them.

Our therapy includes activities and sessions in which our OT aids your child in understanding and refining their motor skills. One may see improvement from a few weeks to a few months, but Occupational Therapy Treatment typically takes time, and the more the parents stay consistent with the programme, the better outcomes for the child.

Poor motor skills can be tough for the child, but they can eventually get better at therapy and lead their lives normally.

Occupational Therapy for improving Fine and Gross Motor Skills in Adults

Adults can also be diagnosed with poor fine and gross motor skills like children. It can be because of many reasons. It can either be present since childhood or could be developed because of a neurological injury.

Our brain controls our entire body, and if an injury is caused to this organ, it can also affect our motor skills. It happens with some individuals who lose their motor skills because of a neurological injury or damage.

In this case, the adult must re-learn these skills and learn compensatory strategies. However, it can be treated by consulting an Occupational Therapist.

Occupational Therapy is an efficient way to improve an individual's skills and abilities. The therapy consists of unique sessions and activities that help the person slowly start learning the motor skills they are inefficient at.

At TheraCure, our Scope of Occupational therapy for Poor fine-motor and gross-motor skills includes

At Theracure, we take a systematic approach to body treatment, addressing the root causes of the aches and pains.

  • Advice on self-management techniques such as pacing, stress, and sleep
  • Breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness
  • Cold pack/heat and electrotherapy such as TNS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) Education
  • Exercise prescription and Movement therapy
  • Manual Therapy
  • Posture correction and improvement
  • Therapeutic Massage

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to pain management. Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, masseurs, counseling psychologist, and pain management therapists work together closely.

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