Family education and training

Family Training Occupational Therapy, Caregiver Education Occupational Therapy, Parent Coaching Occupational Therapy, OT in Family Education Training

Family education and training :

Basically I’d like you to mention that at TheraCure we get the family and caregivers involved in the goal- setting procedure for the patient and enlist their help in getting the patient towards max level of independent functioning possible. Family is extremely important in getting the patient to stay on track with the rehabilitation program. Whether it be in the form of monitoring that the patient is following the exercise program, or that the family/ caregiving staff is properly trained in lifting the patient and is able to safely demonstrate it or even simply that they are interacting with the patient in the manner they’ve been instructed to do so, to greatly improve treatment/ rehabilitation outcomes.

At TheraCure, our Scope of Physiotherapy includes

  • Muscle strength and muscle length evaluation & quantification
  • Recommending remedial exercises
  • Physical treatment by electrotherapy modalities like diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, contrast bath, cryotherapy, hydrocollator, trans-electric muscle stimulation, also different therapeutic exercises by machines
  • Applying manual therapy, mobilization, manipulation of soft tissue techniques etc.
  • Myo-fascial release massage to lengthen tight/ contracted tissues.
  • Make an exercise folder for the client to take home.
  • Aid in-home evaluation to make the environment barrier-free and accessible.
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