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As we know that a human body contains 206 separate bones in our body, what connects all of them together for their efficient functioning?

The answer is - Ligament

A ligament is an elastic tissue whose prime function is to join different bones together and support their joints. These tissues are, therefore, very essential as they hold together all the bones in the human body and thereby, are responsible for maintaining the human structure intact and connected.

These tissues are very elastic and strong, nevertheless, they can be stretched and even torn by extreme force or a high-intensity impact on them. This ends up causing a Ligament Injury.

Ligament Injury is any injury caused to a certain ligament or a part of the ligament, resulting in a tear formed at the affected ligament. This injury can be painful for the individual and could also cause swelling.

What Exactly Does A Physiotherapist Do?

Our entire body has a total of 900 ligaments distributed throughout the entire body, closely associated with bones. There are, therefore, various types of a ligament tear are possible, according to their location in the body. The ACL tear which is a tear in one of the ligaments in the knee is the common type of ligament injury and usually occurs in athletes.

Symptoms of a Ligament Injury are pain, swelling, instability, swelling, bruising, limping in the affected area. A major symptom of ligament injury is the inability to move the joint connected with the torn ligament.

Ligaments like other body tissues tend to heal on their own but take a long time to get regenerated. Even after regeneration, there might be a little instability in the movement of the joint.

To speed up the process of ligament tears healing themselves, there are different treatments. A few of those are medication, therapy, surgery, etc. In this blog, we’re going to look at therapy as a Treatment for Ligament Injury.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

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Therapy as a treatment for Ligament Injury

Therapies are an effective method of treatment when coupled with other essential treatments such as medicine and surgery. They help you go through the injury or the medical condition by various methods. There are different types of therapies and we are going to look at physiotherapy here.

Physiotherapy is a method of therapy that involves exercises, activities, and other movements. We at Theracure, support you through the ligament injury and treat you through physiotherapy.

We schedule a number of simple physical exercises, activities, stretching, and other similar techniques to help you recover quickly and to ensure that the recovery goes on well.

Ligament injury is painful and we assist you through recovery and make sure that the ligament is healed properly and quickly.

At TheraCure, our Scope of Physiotherapy conditions

  • Muscle strength and muscle length evaluation & quantification
  • Recommending remedial exercises
  • Physical treatment by electrotherapy modalities like diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, contrast bath, cryotherapy, hydrocollator, trans-electric muscle stimulation, also different therapeutic exercises by machines
  • Applying manual therapy, mobilization, manipulation of soft tissue techniques etc.
  • Myo-fascial release massage to lengthen tight/ contracted tissues.
  • Make an exercise folder for the client to take home.
  • Aid in-home evaluation to make the environment barrier-free and accessible.
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