Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

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We all avoid getting injured or hurt because it is pain that we fear. This pain is what causes us hindrance and doesn’t allow us to do our regular activities and which in turn leads to us fearing getting hurt again.

Injury, however, in some form or the other is inevitable but in some conditions, it can be due to a medical condition. Whatever be the reason, having terrible pain is something we avoid, and therefore, it becomes important to find a remedy for it.

Pain Management is an approach for finding solutions to ease the pain. This method helps individuals to reduce the pain and also allows them to work or go through their normal schedule without letting pain affect them.

Before we dive into pain management let us know more about pain itself.


Pain can be defined as an uncomfortable sensation which is a nerve signal indicating that something is wrong. Therefore, pain is an indication by the body signaling you that there is an injury or a wound. Sometimes, there can be a pain without any prominent wound or internal injury, this could be because of stress or discomfort.

This neural signal is very discomforting and ranges from being mild to just unbearable. The pain can be chilly, throbbing, pinching, or stinging.

It is normal for us humans to experience it several times, but when we start experiencing it frequently and in an intensity greater than normal pain, then it might be time to consult a medical professional since it might be detecting an underlying medical condition.

There are distinctly 2 categories of pain; acute and chronic. While acute pain is said to last for 3-6 months, chronic pain lasts much longer than that and is an ongoing pain that only goes away once the injury or condition behind it is completely healed.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

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Pain Management

We now briefly know what pain is and why it is caused, so it’s time to move on to pain management.

Pain management is the method of reducing or easing pain through medication, therapy, or other forms of treatment. This method is very effective for managing pain and going about our daily routine without it obstructing us.

Physiotherapy is one of the many ways of pain management. We at Theracure, help you overcome your pain by using physiotherapy for pain management.

In Pain Management, we first examine your pain and also assess if there are any underlying medical conditions behind it. Once we have finished our assessment and written down all the observations, we then move on towards pain management.

Our pain management program consists of various exercises, stretches, therapeutic massages, TENS, acupuncture, etc. These activities are designed around the patient and are based on their daily routine, medical history, and pain assessment.

Pain has been a hindrance for us all, but with physiotherapy for pain management, you can put pain in the back seat and go about your normal living without any such distractions.

At TheraCure, our Scope of Physiotherapy conditions

  • Muscle strength and muscle length evaluation & quantification
  • Recommending remedial exercises
  • Physical treatment by electrotherapy modalities like diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, contrast bath, cryotherapy, hydrocollator, trans-electric muscle stimulation, also different therapeutic exercises by machines
  • Applying manual therapy, mobilization, manipulation of soft tissue techniques etc.
  • Myo-fascial release massage to lengthen tight/ contracted tissues.
  • Make an exercise folder for the client to take home.
  • Aid in-home evaluation to make the environment barrier-free and accessible.
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